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IBD Bonder is a great non-acid primer with a strong grip. Item Weight: 3 ounces. Shipping Weight: 3 ounces (View shipping rates and policies).

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The Postman
Worst Actor: Kevin Costner
Worst Picture
Worst Director: Kevin Costner
Worst Screenplay

No Good lol

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Why can’t anyleeches with vaginaswomen just debate him calmly without any name-calling???

(sidenote: I don’t know which candidate he’s referring to. All of them?)


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Two years ago, Dutch artists Lernert & Sander filmed a short for MTV Europe by building and playing music on a rainbow-colored glass harp. It makes for a great audio and visual combo. (Also, who knew we’d have more than one glass harp video to watch?!)

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Hi Equinox, 


I loved your gym, but couldn’t afford the last price hike, which is why I left. But as a former member and a health conscious feminist,  I fucking LOATHE this new ad campaign. At over $150 a month, you must know that the type of women who can afford your gym are probably professionals who aren’t thrilled to get e-mails from you guys that include photos of under weight models looking dead inside while being rag-dolled around by a buff shirtless dude. Me included. 


I’d rather you sent me a photo of a meth addict eating vomited up spaghetti than this Terry Richardson trash. 


Thank you, 


Erin Gibson


feminist/comedian/jump rope queen

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Keith Buckley (Every Time I Die) Discusses Social Media


Frontman Keith Buckley from Every Time I Die wrote up a lengthy blog on his website discussing social media and it’s need for dependency. Check out the full write-up below by clicking “Read More.”

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Malcolm X on Human Rights, Not Civil Rights

by Trent Gilliss, senior editor

Malcolm X was assassinated on this day in 1965 in Manhattan’s Audubon Ballroom while speaking to a meeting of the Organization of Afro-American Unity. Weeks before his death, he appeared on the CBC’s “Front Page Challenge” and addresses questions ranging from the his departure from the Nation of Islam to his disagreements with “Uncle Martin” to his practice of Islam.

Malcolm X Praying in a Cairo MosqueIt’s near the end of the conversation that piqued my interest as I think about recent events in Egypt and an unforgettable photograph of Malcolm X praying in a mosque in Cairo:

“We are black Americans. We have a problem that goes beyond religion. …

We feel that the problem, number one, of the black man in America is beyond America’s ability to solve. It’s a human problem, not an American problem or a Negro problem. And as a human problem or a world problem, we feel that it should be taken out of the jurisdiction of the United States government and the United States courts and taken into the United Nations in the same manner that the problems of the black man in South Africa, Angola, and other parts of the world — and even the way they’re trying to bring the problems of the Jews in Russia into the United Nations because of violations of human rights.

We believe that our problem is one not one of civil rights but a violation of human rights. Not only are we denied the right to be a citizen in the United States, we are denied the right to be a human being.”

[A big thanks to The Smithian for reminding us!]

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